Reliable and Permanent Foundation Repairs

Barrier Waterproofing provides a foundation repair process that, in most cases, can restore the wall to its original alignment and permanently reinforce it to meet codes. Our solution can, in most cases, be completed for less cost than “band-aid” type solutions such as carbon fiber epoxy or wall anchor systems offered by competitors.

A foundation problem can seem like an overwhelming and expensive issue. However, if you identify and resolve the problem quickly you can prevent extensive or additional damage and save on foundation repairs. Regardless if you have a cinder block, rock, or poured concrete foundation it is important to seek the advice of an expert foundation contractor as soon as you notice any cracks, buckling, or bowing in your foundation. We offer over 40 years of experience in the construction business and the proper solution to permanently resolve your issue.

Foundation issues are not uncommon in the Central PA area due to the common use of undersized concrete blocks, rock foundations in older homes, our expansive clay soil, and ground water infiltration. Our team of experts will inspect your foundation to determine if your foundation issues are due to common stress or dangerous structural failure. Once the problem has been identified we will provide you with the best foundation repair solution to fix the problem.

Do you suspect you need foundation repair services?

Here are some common signs of a foundation problem:

Bowing foundation walls

Foundation wall cracks

Floor cracks

Uneven floors

Heaving foundation

Sagging crawl spaces